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Title:                                       Advances in Green Chemistry
Abbreviation:                       Adv Green Chem
Publication frequency:        Bi-annual
Advances in Green Chemistry is aimed to publish cutting edge research focused on the developing techniques/processes to provide greener, sustainable, and renewable alternatives to hazardous products and processes. It also welcomes the articles focused on reduction or elimination of the previously established products/wastes/by-products/processes which are causing problems to life and environment.
Accordingly, work presenting significant advances in the green chemistry approaches dealing with the sustainability of energy-food-water-environment nexus are welcomed.
Coverage includes the following, but is not limited to:

Renewable Feedstocks: Alternative, renewable, sustainable, cost-effective green feedstocks for industrial, environmental, agricultural, and pharmaceutical applications

Green processes: Processes/techniques for the detection, identification, reduction of the toxic/hazardous materials in the food chain and field-to-consumer industrial

Green Synthesis: Either through biological or non-biological processes

Green Catalysis: to improve the efficiency, reduce toxicity, and/or to improve the environmental sustainability of the industrial process

Renewable energy: feedstock characterization, storage, conversion, alternative green resources,

Sustainability nexus: Energy-environment-water-food nexus

Biorefineries: Cascading multiproduct biorefineries and their integration with the wastewater treatment facilities focused to zero waste approach, utilization of waste from anthropogenic activities.

Cost Effectiveness: Technoeconomic analyses, LCA, policies, etc.

Research and review articles focused on principles of Green Chemistry and the United Nation’s sustainability goals (SDGs) are highly welcomed. 
Keeping in view the fact that Green Chemistry is a continuously evolving science, the Editors sometimes may also decide to publish something outside the defined scope of the journal if the potential work has the potential to contribute to the advancement of the Green Chemistry science and would be of a broader interest of the community.
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