Green Toolbox for nanoparticles synthesis: A revolutionized framework of bio-compatible material


Green chemistry process for synthesis of nanoparticles has received enormous attention due to ecofriendly nature, economically, easy to access, low energy consumption and high yield of nanoparticles without releasing harmful gases and chemical effluents. Capping of functional biomolecules on the surface of nanoparticles has enhanced extensive applications in catalysis, bio-sensing, nano-fertilizer, and biomedical engineering. The main purpose of this review is to emphasized on biomolecules potentials as reducing, capping and oxidation agent for fabrication of novel nanoparticles. Furthermore, how biomolecules capped nanoparticles are effective in biomedical, environmental and agriculture applications on commercial scale. Finally, this review also provides the base line for young researcher to understand the systematic approach with synthetic and functional identity.

Keywords: Green chemistry, biological identity, nanoprobes, reducing agent, application

PDF: AGC-2022-001

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